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MAD MARCH HAIKUS – Variations On Issa

Matt, The Thrasher, gave
Her iron-dusted petals.
Their molecules kissed.

This mountain is sick.
Bird, beware all ferritin
Of a high recluse.

The mosquito blood
Sang in the shining syringe
Brown sultry music.

Na cuisleanna ag
Iompar ualaigh dearg na marbh.
Fear bréige órga.

E s´illumina
Il spaventapasseri.
Sera dei morti…

Hear that colour song –
Crimson wine, dark blueberry;
Insects have no blood?

Ease out that rice-plant .
How badly she planted it !
Slowly it rises, green.

Blossoms´ferrous pain
I am a sour-sweet cherry!
Big world now bigger.

Little mountain-bird,
Coo not; woo not my iron
In its thick sick blood.