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Nov. 1 2017 Frank Corcoran PICCOLO QUARTETTO FILARMONICO Odessa Club, Kaleidoscope, Dublin.

Dec. 2 2017 NDR – KULTUR “Prisma Musik ” Frank Corcoran lectures on / analyzes Elgar CELLO CONCERTO
Frank Corcoran introduces the new Frank Corcoran CELLO CONCERTO.

Dec. 21. Christchurch Cathedral Dublin AN IRISH CHRISTMAS CAROL

Januart 27 2018 Hamburg – Blankenese : 2. Symphony Revisited. 5 HAIKU / Lieder

May 12 2018 Belfast Hard Rain Ensemble premiere
” 9 LOOKS AT “Pierrot ” for Pierrot Ensemble

And new STRING QUARTET 2018 ? ConTempo Quartet ? RTE

New 2018 Frank Corcoran Summer Concerts in Orvieto and Bolsena – premiere new HOT DIALOGUES for Viola and Piano. Chamber-works.

2018 Schott Verlag : a new Frank Corcoran Monograph by Hans-Dieter Gruenefeld

March 17. 2019 New York City. NorthSouthOrchestra / Cond. Max Lifchitz Premiere CLARINET CONCERTO
( Arts Council commission of 2017 )

” RE – MEM – BER ME “

“Remember me ! ”

– that age/old cry, piteous, imperious, born out of terror , oblivion being our threat….

Remember me in tones, in bronze, the name of a lousy street, a tomb as a clarinet concerto, what else ?

Motor of art, with death our motor of religion ( that which “binds us ). I chisel it in , I write it on water, in

the sky, all

orchestral trumpets blazing. Change the nib. Begin a new composition. Oblivion will lap. Of course it will. Stoics

and Epicureans and our Buddha and all the Celtic saints of the Burren and great or bad or indifferent workers in,

well, all of the arts yell quietly those four syllables. “R” and “M” and “B” enclose just those two vowels….

– A musical composition ? Not bad.


Dear Frank,

Apologies for not getting to the 7 miniatures for so long – I’m the servant of too many masters these days, and I have to try to squeeze these in among so many other things. When I do have a moment, I can do them very quickly, however, so I’ll definitely have them prepared long before we need to begin rehearsing. We have tentative date for the first performance, too – possibly 8 or 15 September.

So, attached are the 3rd and 4th miniatures.

Latest release


Mad Sweeney’s Shadow

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(1944 – present)

Frank Corcoran is from Tipperary in Ireland. He moved to Dublin to study firstly, and went on to Maynooth, Rome and lastly Berlin to study with Boris Blacher.

Corcoran has had a very schorlarly background

1980: Composer fellowship at the Berlin Kunstlerprogramm 1981: Guest professorship in West Berlin 1982: Professor of Music in Stuttgart 1983: Professor of composition and theory in the Staatliche Hochschule fur Musik und darstellende Kunst, Hamburg.

Corcoran has received numerous awards for his compositions: 1999: Bourges… read more
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Mikrokosmoi (Scenes from My Receding PAST…)

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Variations on ‘A Mháirín de Bharra’


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CORCORAN: Symphonies Nos. 2, 3 and 4

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Mad Sweeney

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Mad Sweeney’s Shadow

Chamber Orchestra Music

by Composers from Ireland and the US

Frank Corcoran Variations on Myself

Max Lifchitz, conductor
The North/South Chamber Orchestra
Tuesday, March 12 at 8 PM
Christ & St Stephen’s Church
120 West 69th St (bet Bway & Columbus), NYC

Free Admission. No tickets necessary

North/South Consonance, Inc. continues its 33rd consecutive season of free-admission concerts on Tuesday evening March 12. The GRAMMY nominated North/South Chamber Orchestra under the direction of its founder Max Lifchitz will premiere five works especially written for the occasion by composers representing a wide variety of styles and hailing from Ireland and throughout the US. The composers are: Harry Bulow, Frank Corcoran, Binnette Lipper, Joyce Solomon Moorman and William Pfaff.
The concert will start at 8 PM and will take place at the auditorium of Christ & St. Stephen’s Church (120 West 69th St – between Broadway and Columbus) on Manhattan’s West Side. Admission is free — no tickets necessary.

The event will feature the first performance of Variations on Myself by the noted Irish composer Frank Corcoran.

A founding member of Aosdána – Ireland’s state-sponsored academy of creative artists – Corcoran was born in Tipperary in 1944 and completed his musical education in Berlin under the supervision of Boris Blacher. His Two Unholy Haikus won the Sean Ó Riada Award at the 2012 Cork International Choral Festival and the First Prize in the 2013 International Federation of Choral Music. Several of his orchestral and choral works are available on recordings issued by, among others, the NAXOS, Col-Legno, and Caprice labels. For almost thirty years he taught composition and theory in the Staatliche Hochschule für Musik in Hamburg, Germany. Corcoran first visited the US in 1989 as a Fulbright Scholar at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Subsequently, he has been invited to lecture at Indiana University, CalArts, Harvard University, Boston College, New York University and Princeton.

As basis for his recently completed work, Variations on Myself, Corcoran employs a melodic theme derived from the pitches suggested by the composer’s name: F-D-C#-Eb-C-A. Melodic and harmonic materials are generated by mutating these pitches while strict metrical writing of the strings contrasts with undulating lines in the wind instruments often moving at their own speed.


I know this is from last year,
but thinking back on his sublime
Music for the Book of Kells and Trauerfelder/Goirt an Bhróin/Fields of Sorrow at the Hugh Lane Gallery last December, which reduced members of the audience (including this scribe) to tears,
I really think his international recognition should be more widely known in Ireland.
Yes, it’s ‘Art Music.’
Yes, it may take a few listens to adjust the ear.
But the rewards are great. I’m rather proud he’s my third cousin!

He will be 70 this year, so it’s no better time to discover him if you haven’t already.
Frank Corcoran awarded prestigious IFCM choral composition prize