Frank Corcoran

irish composer

Yes, I think 1966;

I had read nothing of Stockhausen’s – often wrong – Webern analyses.

Nor did I know that Webern’s musical output was – for

that Boulez,-Goyvaerts (- who actually at the end, at his end, met me and played some Corcoran on Belgian

Radio; WHAT ? ) etc. the knees of the

compositional bee.

However I had read Stravinsky on Webern’s radical ” purity ” and I felt that his early few lonely works

before World War One –

with their fixation on his mother’s death, those high Austrian Alps and their mountain flowers, might help

my own stumble.

So I stumbled to Mittersill ( – train ? ) . I found his house, the big wide sweeping roof to deal with the


Over the typical front door

were two wooden plaques with : ” Hertha Toepfer – Schneiderin ” and ” Anton Webern – Komponist “.

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