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Cross Currents: Episode 1
Tue 13 Sep 2016

Episode 1 from Cross Currents, radio series on Irish composers and their music produced by Athena Media for RTÉ lyric fm in association with CMC.

The episode opens with Seóirse Bodley, part of an earlier generation of composers who made waves in the 1960s, and traces the evolution of new music in Ireland from the late 1960s to the mid 1970s. The programme will deal with the issues which music faced in a post-colonial Ireland: the lack of an obvious tradition in Irish composition, and a tension between modernity and tradition.

Other contributions in this series will include those from John Kinsella, composer and former Head of Music in RTÉ, Frank Corcoran, who will talk about his emergence from Tipperary and his discovery of the European contemporary music scene through recordings and performances of the Radio Eireann Symphony Orchestra, and Raymond Deane on his early career as a young composer in Dublin. Some of the key developments for new music during this time will be covered, such as the establishment of the Association of Irish Composers, and the Dublin Festival of Twentieth Century Music, and John Buckley will talk about how these developments were instrumental in the compositional path which he followed.

Further information:
Episode Playlist

Frank Corcoran – Three pieces for orchestra
RTE Symphony Orchestra, conductor Richard Pittman
RTÉ archives

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