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Oh yes, I was a Fellow at the Virginia Centre for the Creative Arts. It was summer 1990.

( How distant now. How many were the roads taken or not since that hot, hot June… Oh, the mystery of it all, my

life unwinding as a film-spool. ) I remember the great heat, even of that black lake, impenetrable, where I

went swimming with friend, Eddy Clift who later became the youngest Dean, then the youngest President of a well-

known Californian Fine Arts university.

The sound of a giant turtle plopping down from a tall tree into that still water would put my heart cross-wise.

( – Its jaws could crack thick wooden branches… )

My eyes in the great sun were peeled for copper-heads . I remember the thick black snake that daily rolled up from

its tree-nest to the kitchen backdoor for breakfast from Joe, himself very black. The week before I arrived as a

Composer Fellow Joe’s brother, Jim, had died in mysterious circumstances ; while fishing from his boat in the

shallow water at the wooded end of Sweetbriar Lake; he had apparently toppled in and drowned. We Fellows, mostly

from New York and the North , didn’t believe a word of the official police version. My nose smelled racialism,

foul play. Everybody clammed up. I remember , too, of a Sunday going to a Jerry Falwell service in his church in

nearby Lynchburg. Wacky. ( Yes, ” Lynch ” as in ” they lynched blacks in the good old days… ” ). My studio , piano

and bed were almost cool. I, too, gave an evening-presentation to my fellow- Fellows of my recent Opera,

“GILGAMESH ” before I returned for ever to Europe and Hamburg, my family lapped around with great sorrow and

mental illness, total break-down.

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