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Irish Composer FRANK CORCORAN Awarded Top International Choral Prize by International Federation for Choral Music


Imagine the gargantuan task facing five leading international composers on the jury, working their way through 637

choral compositions from every corner of the globe, to select a First Prize in the International Federation for

Choral Music’s Second International Competition for Choral Composition?

After the jury’s lengthy deliberation, Irish-born composer Francis Corcoran was selected and awarded First Prize for his stunning choral work Eight Haikus.

The large number of submissions displayed the vast growth in the competition and interest in new choral music from the composition community. The judges were Olli Kortekangas (Finland), Graham Lack (Uk/ Germany), Libby Larsen (USA), John Pamintunian (The Philippines) and Paul Stanhope (Australia).

Fulbright scholar, Frank Corcoran was born in 1944 in Tipperary, and studied at Dublin, Maynooth, Rome and Berlin.

His considerable musical output includes chamber, symphonic, choral and electro-acoustic music, through which he particularly explores Irish issues such as language and history. Frank Corcoran has worked with several recognized poets and received numerous national and international awards for his compositions.

He is a founding member of Aosdána and currently lives in Hamburg.

Recognized by UNESCO, the International Federation for Choral Music (IFCM) is the world’s only not-for-profit global choral organization. Every year a team of motivated volunteer choral musicians mobilise to create choral singing projects across the world in order to connect the world through this community-binding, soul-rejuvenating artform. Choral music is unique in that everyone can sing and everyone can participate at a level that is suited to skills and experience. It builds bridges between peoples, communities and nations.

IFCM International Composers Competition is a project that connects choral musicians with the most exciting and innovative composers of our time.

Francis Corcoran’s winning choral work EIGHT HAIKUS will receive a premiere performance by the multi-award-winning Philippine Madrigal Singers later in 2013.

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