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Frank Corcoran


For years I´d wanted to compose a Concerto for Cello and big orchestra – my singing David against its mighty Goliath . But I didn´t trust myself to face what
is, yes,
a mighty challenge until I´d first composed my Violin Concerto which Christopher Warren-Green premiered with the NSO and great soloist, Alan Smale, in
Nov. 2012 .
I’d worked closely with Alan as he prepared his Concerto ; his advice to me , the composer, was ” Frank, SING IT !” And this same advice was vital
as, one year later, I began work on this even bigger Corcoran Concerto for the mighty cello – bow of Martin Johnson.

This four movement work has even greater proportions ; this
solo instrument has to face an even bigger orchestral battle .

It sings and soars, somewhere between Dvorak ´s and Lutoslawski´s epic works.

The opening reveals a broad gesture for trumpets and brass which will
return several times , quasi a ” motto” theme.
My Slow Movement would tear the heart out of you, the cello´s beautiful cantilena weaving, sobbing,
The searing Scherzo, with its huge battery of percussion is the most violent music I ever wrote….
The music winds down then in the last, meditative finale.

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