Frank Corcoran

irish composer

” RE – MEM – BER ME “

“Remember me ! ”

– that age/old cry, piteous, imperious, born out of terror , oblivion being our threat….

Remember me in tones, in bronze, the name of a lousy street, a tomb as a clarinet concerto, what else ?

Motor of art, with death our motor of religion ( that which “binds us ). I chisel it in , I write it on water, in

the sky, all

orchestral trumpets blazing. Change the nib. Begin a new composition. Oblivion will lap. Of course it will. Stoics

and Epicureans and our Buddha and all the Celtic saints of the Burren and great or bad or indifferent workers in,

well, all of the arts yell quietly those four syllables. “R” and “M” and “B” enclose just those two vowels….

– A musical composition ? Not bad.

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