Frank Corcoran

irish composer


“Remember me ! ” FRANK CORCORAN

That age-old cry, piteous, imperious, born out of terror, oblivion our threat.

Remember me in tones, in bronze, in the name of a lousy street, or a tomb as a clarinet concerto, what else ?

Motor of art, and- as with death- a motor of religion,of that which binds us.

I chisel it in here , I write it on water or in the sky, all ou orchestral trumpets blazing.

Change the nib.

Begin a new composition.

Oblivion will lap. Of course it will.

Stoics and Epicureans and our Buddha and all the Celtic saints of the Burren and great , even bad, indifferent workers in,

well, all the arts will yell quietly those four syllables.

So ” R ” and ” M ” and “M” and ” B ”, they enclose just three vowels…. Not bad.

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