Frank Corcoran

irish composer


1. A lightening bolt fortissimo this afternoon nearly killed me.

2. The kitten was savaged the day after you left.- Two gigantic
magpies sharpened surgical beaks.

3. My music makes “sense” of cosmic indifference, of early
childhood Hell AND Heaven /

4. It “explores” my “Ireland” – an onion, my salami slices .

5. See Beckett´s “The light gleams an instant -and it is gone “.

6. Yes, my now for ever silent GILGAMESH YEARS were 1985 – 88 ;
yes, death in life and life in death.

7. Henry Vaughan´s “They are all gone into the world of
light / And I alone sit lingering here ” which I quote in my TRAUERFELDER )

8. My 7th. c. Iron Age Ireland ( with its druids and shamanic saints )

9. If German had been my language , I´d long ago have had a go
at writing ” Experimental Theatre “.

10. Yet several orchestral works of mine have – unbeknownst to me -long
become just that.

11. My most violent works fight against , cajole, wish to bamboozle,
YELL against ( my ) DEATH !

12. And yet ,not withstanding, it is true also that the best music HAS TO ( Boulez and
Mozart et al.) get rid of ” Ich” …. How’ll I achieve this ?

13. The best work at the same time also PRAISES glory, “Quasi Una Visione”.

14. Ditto ditto fights against ever-present and never sleeping

15. Yes, also Stability v. dizzying chaos /

16. Ten years ago I HAD NOTHING !

17. My music can mock, can grin at or CELEBRATE THE GLORIOUS BEAUTY of a
tone, of three, of a motiv, a phrase…

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