Frank Corcoran

irish composer


Songs of Terror and Love

Frank Corcoran ( 2010 )

1. Chi pro Cristo v’ empazzato / Pare afflitto e tribulato.
Chi pro Cristo ne’ va pazzo / Alla gente si par matto.
Chi vole entrare in questa danza / Trov’ amor désmesuranza!

2. Allegom’ en seppultura / Un ventr’i lupo envoratura.

E l’arliquie en cacatura / En espineta e rogarìa!

He who raves for Christ’s insane / Most afflicted, his great pain.
Who for Christ loses his mind / He looks lost to all mankind.
But he who begins this dancing / Measureless love he´s sure to find…
I chose as my last tomb and shroud / A wolf’s belly after he’s devoured
Me; my remains that wolf’s shit / In among thorns in a deep pit!

3. Che farai, Fra Jacovone? Ei venuto al paragone!

Well, what now, Fra Jacopone? Now you’re come to your trial!

The lodging that they gave me / ‘S a hole under ground – no denial

La presone che m’è data / Una casa sotterata!
Arèscece una privata / Non fa fraga de moscone!

Here a stinking jakes disgorges; it won´t smell of perfumed roses!
They placed my legs in leg-irons; now they rustle like sirens.

Porto jette i sparvèri / Soneglianno nel mio giro.
Nova danza ce po´ odire / Chi sta apresso mea stazzone.

Listen above! – Hear askance! Can you hear my new dance?


O Papa Bonifazio, molto ‘ai jocato al mundo.
Pensome che iocondo non te porrai partire…
Per subita ruina / Ei preso en tua masone!
E null’ om se trovone / A poterti guarire.

O Pope Bonifazio / With this world you played ”Peek Oh!”
Yet I judge that your dying / Will be more than mere sighing!
Your ruin has reached you / In your palace it breached you!
No doctor can heal you! No nurse dares to feel you!

El mondo non n’è cavallo / Che sse lass’ enfranare,
Che ‘l pòzzi cavalcare / Secondo tuo volere!

This world´s not a race-horse / To goad on with your spurs
To rein in at your whim / Till with your desire it concurs.

Dell’ aneme redente / Par che ne curi poco.
La ‘ve t’accunci ‘l loco / Saperai lo al partire!

– It’s not all souls’ salvation / It´s you´ve reaped your damnation.
At your parting, self-chosen / You will find out your destination!

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