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Frank Corcoran’s hot, hot summer in Italy

will introduce two hot “IL CONCERTO DI DUBLINO ” concerts , one
in hot Orvieto in Umbria and the other in hot Bolsena by the lake.

Frank’s three friends from the N.S.O.I. , Martin Johnson , Cello, Adele Johnson, Viola and Fergal Caulfield, Piano, will present a Piano Trio programme – Frank’s tale of two cities – at the Teatro Mancinelli , Orvieto, on July 31 and a similar programme in Bolsena’s Piccolo Teatro Cavour on August 2.
It will consist of music by Schubert, Brahms ( – his mighty Piano Trio as climax ) , David Popper and new
work by Frank himself, from the 8 Irish Duets for Cello and Piano.
These little miniatures are based on Irish Slow Airs, eight of the greatest sean nos songs . As the composer insists, his melodic distillations are neither neo-romantic settings, nor neo- Bartok, nor neo-minimalist and yet neo-Corcoran.
Up till now they consist of : Sean O Duibhir An Ghleanna, A Mhairin De Barra, A Una Bhain 1. and 2., A Roisin Dubh, Na Conneries, Im Aonar Seal and Priosun Cluain Meala.
The first three will be premiered in Orvieto and Bolsena.

Frank Corcoran

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