Frank Corcoran

irish composer

“WAIT FOR THE DAWNING OF DAY” sang the Crooner….

Since 2. 4. 1995 it appears that I made TWENTY NINE programmes ( hefty ! ) for NDR-KULTUR “Prisma Musik”. Big and

meaty two hour programmes, neither “professorial ” nor trivial. Important. Strongly argued, researched, bevelled.

There had been others in them dark eighties. There were others, also for other radio-stations in the nineties and

indeed later.

Good, hard work. Some original musical thought, a jewelled phrase, a genial musical connection or a sudden

apparition…. Great musical

minds thinking each her musical ” logic”. Young Wittgenstein would have approved, certainly.

I will publish the NDR lot – A List.

Watch this space, pixels and breath held.

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