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New Music from Ireland (Emma Coulthard)

Cath Barton travelled to Chapter Arts Centre to witness a St Patrick’s Day performance from flautist Emma Coulthart, in which she presents a concert of Irish music in partnership with CMC.

It was reported in January of this year that, after a ten year gap, Ireland would be reopening its Consulate in Cardiff. This is a move to ensure that whatever happens with Brexit, political and economic ties can be maintained between Wales and Ireland. It is also important as regards cultural ties, and at a concert of new music from Ireland held at Chapter Arts Centre in Cardiff, Linda O’Shea Farren from the Contemporary Music Centre, Ireland, welcomed the new Consul, Denise Hanrahan, who will shortly be taking up her post.

The concert was curated by the prolific commissioner of new music, Cardiff-born and Dublin-raised flautist Emma Coulthard, who wanted to present something other than the “usual expected greenery” in celebration of Irish music for St Patrick’s Day. Performing herself, with and alongside composer/performers Jenn Kirby and Benjamin Dwyer, she presented a programme of fresh and exciting new music.

Emma Coulthard opened her set with

One Minute for St Patrick, written by Frank Corcoran for the occasion.
She described it as “a piece to chase the snakes away”, which it surely would have done, had any been lurking in the corners of the theatre at Chapter Arts.

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