Frank Corcoran

irish composer


Where from my little vanities ? I am too good to write for a concert performance ?

No slave near with his

honeyed tongue .

Land me a creamy parformance. Quality plus strawberries plus notoriety plus the palm.

Since I was about six, I dodged various “realities ” , psychological ( ” It can’t be thus so it is not thus “… and other

models ) and spatial ( – eg. where led which road to Lorrha, to the Mighty Shannon, the silver treasures of the

Silvermines ? Wrere was it ? That golden calf of Knockshegawna ? – and, well, personal.

‘ Nuff said.

From where this ? Whence my Great Disturbance ? ( – wanted to change mother with seven, father with

seventeen plus…. ?

My great 7 MINIATURES for Luigidi Filippi’s bow and knock and pluck in Gravesend Concert. Then that birth : the PIANO

TRIO I crafted and stretched and mangled and polished exactly 12 months ago here in , even then , cold

Hamburg – the viola and its worked over cello, my four exquisitely poised movements with the piano.


Spada and Bolsena and Hugh Lane will shake. )

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