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Well then.

Perhaps there never ever was even a modest wave of support , understanding or acceptance here for New Music in our 20 c. ?
Perhaps all you had was those brave
moral heroes of the Second Viennese School before the Nazi thirties ? ( Schoenberg’s hasty departure, Berg’s early death and Webern’s total lonely
loon in his Austrian Alps ?

Since then you had (im)modest little footlings of composers in Munich and Berlin , WDR’s blandishments in the sixties and seventies ( I am bracketing out Poland and Paris here, also Ligeti’s Luck ) ?

Certainly here in Ham and Burg the woeful few Hogskool Concerts in my eighties and nineties were not to be trusted … But one was thankful for the few thrown crusts. And I remember well the well-meaning Schulmusik publications and books on New Music In The Schools etc., mostly pap or regurgitated programmes.


And no kind of understanding percolating down to your intellectual, public or private ; – no acceptance of the lonely heroes, no kind of parallel at all with , say, the
accepted development of pictorial arts or literary productions or avant-garde theatre .

The world-ocean of musical bilge and cowardly media contributed , certainly.

No journalist prepared to call a spade a spade, to label popular shit as sonic shit. Seldom was

analytic light cast on marketing of punks and pricks and rocks and cunts and wraps and raps , whether American or helots.

A bit bleak .

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