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I was born on Main Street, Borrisokane . 1954 our family moved out to Killavalla House.

Estate: Stoney (Co Tipperary) Killavalla House, Borrisokane . I see it in my mind’s eye and WEEP NOW ! !

Thomas Stoney from Yorkshire came to Ireland in the late 17th century and settled in county Tipperary. In 1745, his eldest son, George of Greyfort and Portland, married Eliza, daughter of Captain James Johnston of Ballynockane and sister of Captain Robert Johnston of Emell Castle. They had five sons, Andrew died without male heirs, Thomas of Arran Hill and Emell Castle, James J. of Oakley Park, Bigoe A. of Killavalla and George who had no children. The second son, Thomas Stoney and his wife Ruth Falkiner of Mount Falcon, had eight sons including George of Kyle Park, Richard of Portland and James Johnstone of Emell Castle.
In the mid 19th century most of the Stoney lands were in the barony of Lower Ormond, parishes of Borrisokane, Lorrha, Modreeny, Nenagh and Uskane. In the 1870s Johnston Stoney of Emill Castle owned 473 acres in King’s County (Offaly) and 104 acres in county Tipperary.
Other members of the Stoney family namely Sadlier Stoney of Ballycapple, Cloghjordan, owned 953 acres, Thomas Stoney of Kyle Park owned 1,029 acres, Thomas B. Stoney of Portland Park owned 2,778 acres and Thomas G. Stoney of Kingstown owned 221 acres, all in county Tipperary.
Members of this family were prominent in the scientific, engineering and academic fields in nineteenth century Ireland.

House Name / Description Townland Civil Parish PLU DED Barony County Map Ref image Killavalla (H4445)
Lewis records Killavalla as the seat of R. Johnston Stoney.

The Ordnance Survey Name Books refer to the house in this townland as “Honeywood House, the residence of Robert Johnstone Stoney, very commodious with convenient offices attached”. Stoney’s representatives held the property valued at £16+ from the representatives of Stephen Egan at the time of Griffith’s Valuation.
It later became the seat of the Saunders family.
This house no longer exists.
Killavalla Borrisokane Borrisokane Lower Ormond Tipperary

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