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No corresponding paeans for eg. the ” City Of Music” idea, for Irish
composed music, for Irish contemporary composers, for artists in the sounding gardens of the Lord writing this and composed that and explored symphonic discourses and sung constructions and motivic sonatas and motivated string quintets or eight bar melodies, light as the Irish air we breathe and fly in, over, through . No City of Music , or even Musics. Funny, that. Behind the cant we can´t. Understand an Irish cumadóir at the cutting edge of sculpting sound and shaping time eternal and dying. No. We can´t understand an Irish composercomposing. ( Poets and would-be writers, pestering prosy pensters don´t, they can´t ). Why is that ? Why is that funny ? City of Lit, sound today what paeans ? Celebrate?


Frank Corcoran´s new ” SONGS OF TERROR AND LOVE” for Bass and “Pierrot Ensemble” was part of Culture Ireland´s
“Imagining Ireland” 2011 Mega-Show on March 14 in New York, Manhattan. Max Lifchitz conducted the North South Consonance Ensemble splendidly. David Salsbery Fry was a highly musical, dramatic, plastic soloist in my
Jacopone Da Todi texts – Umbran and English ( by Frank Corcoran ). At Christ and St. Stephen´s Church in 69th. Street West this world-premiere unwound like a great “sonorous column” , as the Italians poetically put it. Cello, viola and violin, piano, flutes and clarinets surrounded , supported, gave their musical commentary to the singer´s mini-drama of jacopone locked against ” O Papa Bonifazio!” Strong stuff, high art.
Next day the Gregg Smith Singers did a Composer´s Reading / Recording of my new choral score, ” EIGHT HAIKUS BY FRANK CORCORAN” , washing and fluting and whispering and chording the lines of my magical syllables and consonants. eg. in ( I like this one especially ! ) my
Haiku Nr. 4:
” Deep purple twilight / / In the bay lie three islands / /
Asleep like children. ”
Cori spezzati, velvety chording, well, the sung synaesthesia was a new New York special, spanning the choral distance, Borrisokane takes notes, between Gabrieli and Ligeti. And The Word was made Choir.


IMMA presents “In Conversation 3: The Composers”

March 2, 2011 by ditmdlibrary

On Sunday, 6th March Bernard Clarke from RTE Lyric fm will steer an open discussion between Irish composers Gerald Barry and Donnacha Dennehy on developments of music in Ireland in the 20th century. This event will take place in the IMMA lecture room in Kilmainham Jail. It is running in conjunction with the Moderns exhibition which featured work by Sean O’Riada, Derek Ball, Brian Boydell, Gerald Barry, Frank Corcoran, Raymond Deane and Seoirse Bodley.


” Not to be modest ( for a composer ) is ridiculous. ”

” Creative artists live in an ideal world, several hours a day…. The world in which we live, the “real” world, doesn´t really need us. ”

” I may have suffered in Poland but yet my music is independent, safe, isolated from that. We composers are messengers from an ideal world. “


As found in the Oxford Music Online encyclopedia (only accessible through


Corcoran has developed a distinct and complex language of aleatory

macro-counterpoint in which sound layers are superimposed polyphonically but

retain independence through distinctive polymetric, agogic and dynamic

indications. This technique is evident from the early Piano Trio (1978) to Ice

Etchings no.1 and Mad Sweeney (both 1996). His many cultural interests are

reflected in the texts of his vocal works; the opera Gilgamesh (1990), for

example, is based on a Sumerian epic. The Irische Mikrokosmoi for piano (1993)

are based on traditional Irish melodies and rhythms.


1. I referred above to ” Condae Mhuigheo ” as a parent cell. Behind it are many mutants.

2. “Against , the second element in Frank Corcoran´s Law, what I am calling the recital-tone or highest note . I appears in a number of guishes”

3. Irish Musicology ( ? ) , weep. – ” Caoin tú féin “.

4. ” 4. 11. 1991. ” MY father was – AT LEAST – his , ” his ” late eighties. My first symphony had been premiered in Vienna, 1981 ( O.R.F.Symphony Orchestra / Lothar Zagrosek ) .
” 25 Mount Alton, Knocklyon, Dublin 16, ”


” One of your letters mentioned the thologian, L. Boros. I tried to look him up but could not find him. However , in the past, I made copious notes. You may remember how in my last letter to you I developed how the soul , plastered up the newly plastered wall , developed how the soul of an ivy , creeping up the newly plastered wall, grows LITLE FEET ( – my Killavalla capitals, now may > Mama FlanneryHairy reign )
climb. And the pony.
Stretches out its forepaw . To the order of a whip……
” from deafness its forepaw to the order of a whip



1. Frank Corcoran ( – Francis ? ” Próinsias ” ? – only then , an impatient slave, I DARE question: ” ´O Corcoráin ” ? – am I perhaps a ” Mac Corc – – – ? ”
was awarded the 1980 – 81 artist-in-residence / / Künstlerprogramm des Deutschen Akademischen Austauschdienstes Berlin. An ” IRISH ” ( ? ) ” Composer ” ! ?
( ” Cumadóir Ceoil ” ) . – Courage ? Coraggio ?

2. ” Take warning , waves, take warning, crown of the sea,
I, Corcoran, witless from your discords,
Were Spanish sails again afloat
And rescue on your tides,
-Would force this outcry ( ? ) down your wild throat,
-Would make you swallow these Atlantic words “.

3. ” Joyce, der Dublin früh verlassen hatte, war ein Heimatloser…. ”

4. Liam De Noraidh ( ” CEOL ÓN MUMHAN ” – focal Gael-Bartokiana-Gael ) sweated in his galluses in An Roinn; – terraced thousands died in drowned / bombed nearby Coventry. ” Macht´s Nix …. ” ” – Tá go maith agus níl…. ”
Out of De Noraidh´s ( – compare very carefully Bartók before you open your STUPID mouth ) Waterford empirical quarter-tone epiphanies observe….